Issues in this City Council Election

Kevan Frazier is a Democrat seeking election to Asheville’s City Council. Early Voting in the Primary is open nearly daily from February 15 through March 2. The final day to vote in this non-partisan Primary is Tuesday, March 5, 2024. Due to a new law, you must bring a photo ID when you vote in person.

The following is an unedited compilation of Kevan’s responses to questionnaires and interviews during this campaign.

What experience and skills make you the best candidate for this office?

Folks want to be part of a community they feel has their back. That’s the community that I want us to build. It’s what I’m drawn to naturally as an educator, business owner, advocate, and native. I’m the Executive Director of WCU’s Programs in Asheville at Biltmore Park. It’s rewarding. I help people achieve for themselves and help attract high-paying jobs that support families. I’m an owner of Well Played Board Game Café and volunteer as an LGBTQ+ business advisor. I’m a roll-up-your-sleeves type of person. When our team needs help at Well Played Board Game Café, I’m there washing dishes.

I’ll use my experience, attitude, work ethic, and reliability to ensure that every neighbor feels heard, respected, and served by their city council.

Identify your top three (3) issues that you wish to address during your tenure in office and rank them in order of priority.

What kind of community are we building for the people of Asheville? I believe that our top issue is that we must steadily and strategically work to achieve the outcomes we need and want. My number one goal is to listen to neighbors and ensure you feel heard, respected, and served by your City Council. I am collaborative and effective. I will put that to work for you on the issues we prioritize together. 

I am hearing that folks want to get along with their neighbors and want to be part of a community they feel has their back. That’s the community I want us to build. I think that includes residents finding meaningful and prosperous work, enjoying a reasonable cost of living, and benefiting from careful environmental stewardship.

How will you address the top issue once you are in office? 

Leadership is the top issue: I’ll focus on delivering responsive leadership that follows through on what our community needs and wants. For instance, our lack of affordable housing is negating our efforts to improve quality of life for all residents, including our homeless neighbors, and negating our efforts to attract and grow meaningful and prosperous job opportunities. The lack is directly tied to the very low inventory of houses and apartments. On city council, I’ll take action to require that builders provide units at 30-50 percent of Area Median Income and act to remove barriers to thoughtful and responsible housing development for both rentals and home ownership. I’ll take the long view, plan ahead, and be responsive (not reactive). 

Why are you running and priorities?

Business Improvement District (BID)

City Services

Climate Change

Cultural Plan




Local Independent Restaurants

Public Safety

Racial Equity

Sales Tax

Thomas Wolfe Auditorium